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Hello Joe,
I'm busier than a one legged ass kicker. Sales thru November exceeded all of last year.

Bud Thurston

Marketing on the Internet is a specialized field. It is difficult to find someone with the expertise to get the job done properly.

I was fortunate to find Rossini Management Systems. Joe Rossini has proven to be both knowledgeable and conscientious. My sales have more than doubled this past month. If something does not produce the desired results, he moves to something else. This is important since every web site is different and appeals to a different market.

Thanks to Joe, I am looking forward to an expanding business on the Internet by capturing more and more of the available market. Let's go Joe!

SEO Customer

I had wanted a website for my heating and cooling business for some time. The equipment brand I sell has a dealer site available that I could have used, but it is focused more on the brand name and not so much on the dealer. I wanted one that would focus more on my company than the equipment I sell. I thought I would just create my own website and even bought a domain name through Go Daddy. I quickly figured out it was more difficult and time consuming than I thought. When Joe called me, it came completely from out of the blue. But I'm sure glad he did. All I had to do was feed him information that I wanted to be in my website and his company did the rest. In less than a month they had me on the web. I am very happy with the site created for my business and would definitely urge others to have Joe and company create one for them.

Charlie Adamson

When I need a hands-on, responsive web designer or host, I know I can always count on Rossini Management Systems. I have known Joe Rossini for years and have worked with Joe and Brenda now for nearly a decade. They know what they are doing, they learn your needs, and they are creative. There's nothing more reassuring than knowing you can count on a partner in your activities, and Rossini Management Systems is a partner you can count on.

Greg L. Musil
Shughart Thomson & Kilroy, P.C.

Brenda... it is a good thing you are not here right now because I would give you a big hug. Tell Joe not to feel bad, because I would hug him to if he was here too!

Looks great! I will look at the text and everything else on Monday for a tiny bit of fine tuning, but the layout is wonderful!

Thank you!

'Commitment to excellence' isn't a term I toss about casually. That's why when I say that Joe Rossini has made a commitment to excellence to his customers the benchmark of his career, it's because I've observed it. During our years together at Sweda, International, Joe was among the top salespeople in the country. As Major Account Manager in Kansas City, Joe opened new business with such well-known national companies as Hallmark, AMC Theaters and Dickinson Theaters. For over 20 years, Joe has combined his commitment to excellence with a strong entrepreneurial spirit to grow his company, Rossini Management Systems, specialists in Internet web page design, maintenance, hosting, and search engine optimization into one of the premier services of its kind in the Midwest. I would recommend Joe and his company to anyone needing web-related services.

Tom Rambo